MacArthur High Student competes in World Archery Tournament

MacArthur High Student competes in World Archery Tournament

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A $20,000 scholarship and a new bow is on the line for a MacArthur High School student who'll compete in the World Archery Tournament this week.

16 year old, Caleb Mull is on a 13 member team through the National Archery in the Schools Program or NASP. The program is introduced to students in the Lawton School district as early as 4th grade.

He and his team at MacArthur went to the state competition in Oklahoma City in February placing top 20 in the state and qualifying them for Nationals.

After placing in the top 30 there, Mull was invited to the World Archery Tournament in Orlando. It will be his first time competing against other students from all over the world.

Each student at the competition shoots at a traditional target with a bullseye in one competition and then again at a 3D target such as a deer, turkey or bear decoy in another. Two archers shoot at the same time at six target animals at different distances. Depending on where the arrow hits, different points are awarded.

It's a routine Caleb Mull has done since the fourth grade, getting out his bow and practicing shooting at targets.

"I started doing it more and more and I went to practices." said Mull. "Then, my grandpa eventually bought me a bow so I could have my own."

What started out as just a hobby, turned into one of the greatest experiences of his life.

"It's meant a lot to me," said Mull. "It's allowed me to meet new people, go new places, so to me it is very important."

Besides that, Mull says Archery has taught him more than he ever expected, such as self discipline, commitment and hard work. He says finding time to practice everyday while having a job and being a full time student has been a challenge, but he says it's made him a better shooter and person.

"Focus, control your breathing, and be able to zone everything else out so you can focus on the target," said Mull.

Mull hopes to continue his archery career after high school and hopes to one day go as far as competing in the Olympics.

For now, as he's getting ready to represent Southwest Oklahoma and Lawton Public Schools at his first World Archery Tournament, he's practicing as much as he can to get the nerves out of his system, but enjoying every moment along with way.

"It feels pretty great," said Mull. "Being the only one to go. I'm really excited and feel pretty great about it."

The top three boys and girls who win at the NASP World Tournament get a new bow and a scholarship up to $20,000. The tournament will start Thursday and go through Saturday. We'll keep you updated on how Mull does.

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