WARNING GRAPHIC: Donations to save Elgin-area horse’s life

WARNING GRAPHIC: Donations to save Elgin-area horse’s life

ELGIN, OK (KSWO)- The Friends of the Elgin Animal Shelter and Nexus Equine Foundation are asking for the public's help saving a horse's life.

A week ago, they received a tip about a horse in western Oklahoma that had a serious proud flesh wound. Proud flesh occurs when granulation tissue in normal healing mushrooms over the skin surrounding a wound. The horse is obviously in need of immediate veterinary attention.

However, the older man that owns the animal is on a limited income and does not have financial means to get the horse the surgery it so desperately needs. The horse's injury occurred while her owner was in the hospital for a collapsed lung.  He loves this horse and, according to sources, was in tears over the condition of "Girl", as he calls her.

If the necessary funding can be raised, Nexus has two vets that are willing to do her surgery and Friends of the Elgin Animal Shelter volunteers will help Girl and her owner with post op after care, supplies, and rehabilitation.

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