FBI to investigate officer-involved shooting on tribal land

FBI to investigate officer-involved shooting on tribal land

BLAINE COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- We're hearing from a suspect who says he was shot by police this week in Blaine County.

The FBI is investigating that shooting since it happened on tribal land. Sheriff's officials said it started as a chase when deputies attempted to pull the man over late Wednesday night, but he kept driving with a passenger in the seat next to him.

An OHP trooper and deputy eventually reached him when the driver stopped on tribal land.

That's when law enforcement officials say the man reversed his car to run over the trooper. That's when shots were fired. The suspect, though, denies that claim.

"I didn't try to run over nobody… Happy to be alive and glad my passenger didn't get hurt."

He was taken to a hospital after the shooting. Officials say the man will face two felony charges.

He said he didn't stop when they tried to pull him over because he was simply trying to get home.

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