City of Walters plans to revamp town

City of Walters plans to revamp town
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]

WALTERS, OK (KSWO)- If you've got a paintbrush or even a trash bag handy, city officials in Walters are asking for your help in cleaning up the town.

City Manager Shawn Strange said 16 DOC inmates used to do the work. 

After they lost those workers due to budget cuts they are hoping the community will step in.

"This is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and make a difference,” said Kody McDowell, project coordinator.

McDowell said they've been planning the project since June.  

Their goal is to meet once a month to work on places that need sprucing up.

"There's painting, there's trash, cleaning up alongside the roads,” said McDowell.

He said Youth Park and Sultan Park are a couple of areas on their priority list.

Volunteers will be assigned tasks and are welcome to bring their own tools, but there will be some provided.

"Were not asking people to come out and spend a lot of money,” said McDowell. “We're asking them for one Saturday a month. Bring your teenagers, yourself, everyone."

Which is what city Strange said it is all about---gaining the support of the community to build up the town they call home.

He said he's optimistic residents will rally behind them.

"One thing Walters is very strong about is community involvement,” said Strange. “We have some of the best people in the country here in Walters and we're asking for their help."

McDowell said he believes the cleanup project will not only revamp the city but also benefit the people.

"I feel like this will be a blessing to people as well. Knowing that 'hey I made a difference in this town,” said McDowell.

To volunteer attend a city hall meeting or simply show up on one of the project days.

The beautification project will begin Aug 12th.

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