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Students jump out of WWII plane in Frederick

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FREDERICK, OK (KSWO)- On Saturday, 16 students strapped on parachutes to jump out of a WWII plane at Frederick Municipal Airport.Those students are part of the World War Two Airborne Demonstration Team's Summer 2017 Jump School.

19-year-old Jelks Cabaniss was just one of the students’ ready to show off his parachuting skills Saturday at the Open Hanger day.

"It's easy to think of this as just a historical thing, but we have veterans here,” Cabaniss said. “Veterans who jumped out of this plane."

He said to prepare for the special day, students went through a nine-day course, learning about more than just jumping out of a plane.

"We learned all the history of parachuting, specifically WWII parachuting and where it originated and how it worked with the US military,” Cabaniss said.

And of course, they practiced the proper parachute techniques and exercises on how to jump out of the C-47 transport plane.

“We learned how to properly control a parachute, how to put on a harness and all the safety things to do when stepping out of an aircraft,” Cabaniss said.

Demonstration Team's public affair officer Laura Goodwin said safety was their main concern for students during the course, but also keeping in mind their mission statement: Remember, Honor, Serve.

"It's so important to help remember what the men and women of WWII did for us,” Goodwin said. “They're known as the greatest generation and we're losing them every day. The fact that we even have five or six here today is no small miracle."

Richard Adams was one of those men. He was surprised to see the World War Two Air Force Demonstration for the first time on his 95th birthday.

And what better gift than to see students like Cabaniss recognizing what he used to do.

"I think it's important that they remember and it keeps our history going,” Adams said.

Which is what Cabaniss said was the best part of the day, connecting with veterans through a parachute.

"We can talk to people that actually went through it,” Cabaniss said. “And I think it's important to remember they're still here and it wasn't really all that long ago."

Students performed a public jump that afternoon, followed by a Wing Pinning Ceremony.

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