Local church leaders receive award from White House

Local church leaders receive award from White House

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Two church leaders received a President's Lifetime Achievement Award Sunday.

Bishop Michael and this wife, First Lady Martha Collins of United in Christ Discipleship International Church were submitted for the award last year during Former President Barack Obama's term.

They had to complete over 4-thousand volunteer hours in their lifetime to receive the award.

"I never would've imagined this type of recognition,” said Bishop Collins.

Bishop Collins and his wife both answered the call to ministry after serving in the United States army for 20 years.

Besides leading their congregation at United in Christ Discipleship International, they've had their hands on five other churches across the U.S. and even some all over the world.

Bishop Collins said touching the lives of people is just what they do.

"If we can mold the family and the family can be healed, the schools can be healed,” said Bishop Collins. “The community can be healed and the state can be healed. That's our goal, to touch where God has us."

Which is exactly what he said they are doing right here in Lawton, along with preaching the gospel.

"We partner with those in the community,” said Bishop Collins. “We have a healthy ministry called 'Fit for Ministry' as well as we do plays here in the city."

Apostle Dr. Nelson Williams of Unity Christian Fellowship International Ministries submitted the couple for the award.

He and his wife oversee the church in Lawton along with several others.

He said he couldn't think of a better set of leaders for the award to be given to.

"Mainly because of how they've helped people,” said Williams. “How they've counseled people. How they've gone above and beyond to help others instead of looking just for themselves."

And what better way to celebrate them than with recognition from the White House.

"I'm just thankful,” said Bishop Collins. “That the work is not in vain. It's even seen by man and it is definitely being seen by God."

There are many levels to the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards and the lifetime achievement award is the highest you can receive.

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