Lawtonians stranded in Vegas

Lawtonians stranded in Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV (KSWO) - Some Lawtonians are having a tough time getting back to Oklahoma from Las Vegas.

They were supposed to fly back Sunday on an Allegiant flight to Oklahoma City. They're part of an Eisenhower High School Class of 1992 reunion. They told local TV station FOX5 Vegas they were on the tarmac Sunday when the flight crew told them they would have to deplane. They later found out the flight had been canceled due to mechanical issues and the next flight would not be until Thursday.

Alana Buckner of Lawton told FOX5 "It's ridiculous I feel like at the very least you should give us another flight. Even at 7 a.m., give me something. Thursday is not even an option. We all have children and jobs that we need to get to Monday morning and no way to get back home."

They say Allegiant workers also told them to leave their airport office after they asked to speak with management. The airline has since told them they will receive a $300 check for their troubles, but it will not arrive for seven-to-ten days.

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