Some OK paramedics to receive protective gear

Some OK paramedics to receive protective gear

MUSKOGEE COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- Paramedics in Muskogee County now have extra protection when they respond to shootings, stabbings, and standoffs.

Thanks to donations, Muskogee County EMS purchased more than 50 tactical helmets and plate carriers.

Typically, paramedics wait for police to clear the scene of a shooting. But often they find themselves moving in right behind officers.

"Muskogee County can now rest assured that if an active shooter event happens at one of the schools or a public building or anything that we're going to be there, we're going to be able to treat the people right then, but we're also going to be protected so that we're not going to be a casualty also… We just want to embrace this, next month we're having a company-wide training for active shooters," said Jordan Stevens with Muskogee County EMS.

The vests are, in part, a response to an active shooter situation in Dallas just two months ago, where a paramedic was shot while treating a victim.

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