OK doctors back controversial cigarette fee

OK doctors back controversial cigarette fee

OK (KSWO)- Doctors are backing a cigarette fee in Oklahoma passed by lawmakers as tobacco companies are trying to prove it's unconstitutional. It was one of the last pieces of legislative approved during Oklahoma's recent session.

State law says revenue bills cannot be passed in the final week of session, though the Oklahoma State Medical Association says this bill would be helpful. The association says a higher price on cigarettes could mean a healthier state and hope the state Supreme Court may see it that way, too.

"When a public health issue is felt to be such an overwhelming crisis, in those circumstances, sometimes, the Supreme Court will pull out certain portions of this because they think it's in overall public health interest," said Dr. Kevin Taubman, the President of OSMA.

The cigarette fee is set to go into effect at the end of August. The Oklahoma Supreme Court will hear the case on August 8th.

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