McMahon family and legacy in SW OK highlighted

McMahon family and legacy in SW OK highlighted

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-  You've probably seen the names on buildings all across Lawton -- but how much do you really know about the McMahon foundation? That was the focus of today's guest speaker at Lawton Public Library.

Dana Parish is the executive director of the McMahon Foundation. She spoke this afternoon at the 'Friends of the library' meeting.  And for the library, it was a special topic.

The library's director says the McMahon's are actually the ones who donated the land that the library now sits on. She says it's fascinating to learn about how they got their start:

"They have reached out to different parts of our city and have given us those extras that the government can't provide on its own with the things that need that extra help and McMahon has boosted our community and made it a community that we want to live in and a community that we're proud of," said Kristin Herr.

The McMahon Foundation has donated millions of dollars to the community -- including the Lawton YMCA, Cameron University, and the McMahon Memorial Auditorium.

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