City works to solve latest water problems

City works to solve latest water problems

WAURIKA, OK (KSWO) -Some Waurika residents are tired and frustrated after what they say seems like a constant battle to get good city water.

City Manager, Brad Scott says the Water Plant had issues with its chlorinator, but they fixed that Monday. He says due to the high temperatures, the PH balance is off at the lake and the odor in the water is coming from an algae bloom, but he stresses it is safe to drink. However, besides the smell caused by algae, some residents say they haven't had clear water in a long time.

When you turn on the faucet or flush the toilet at this home in Waurika yellow to brown water continuously comes out.

"It's very frustrating," said Waurika resident. "Luckily we have a filtered water system on our refrigerator. We use that to brush our teeth. We boil any tap water if I do any cooking."

After living in Waurika for almost 40 years, she says it isn't the first time.

"Seems like we're always having issues,"
said Waurika resident.

This picture was taken by Miranda Fox, another Waurika resident, shows what has been coming out of her faucet since Saturday.

7News spoke with multiple other residents in the city today who have had the same problem for a long period of time.

They say for what they're paying, they should at least get clean and fresh drinking water.

"We need something full proof to where we pay something in city utilities that we need to be safe and able to drink our water,"
said Waurika resident.

The Waurika City Manager says the only thing they can do to fix the problem right now is keep flushing out the water lines and maintain the chlorine levels. Scott says they will continue to post updates to the City's facebook page for residents to check.

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