Patterson-Carver neighborhood watch gets a restart

Patterson-Carver neighborhood watch gets a restart

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Patterson-Carver neighborhood is back to having a neighborhood watch after meetings slowed down last year. The neighborhood is located just northeast of the 2nd street shopping center. Their efforts have been supported by the Comanche County Health Department to help build a safe and healthy community.

The main concerns are planning and attracting more residents to these meetings. One of the goals of on Monday night was to start building the neighborhood watch, and to plan their quarterly meetings and what they will do in between meetings.

But they spoke up on many topics and concerns. Asking Ward 7 City Council member V Gay McGahee and Lawton Police Officer Stephanie Crawford to help them with these issues.

Well, I felt that energy. You saw at the end, they weren't just going to dismiss," William White, community organizer said. "They began to speak about their concerns once we got the administrative logistic things out of the way then started expressing what their concerns were. We're not here to really run the neighborhood. We're here to help them and empower them and give them a voice to be able to say what they need."

Crime statistics were bought in to the meeting, and in the last month only 6 crimes were reported.

Gwendolyn Monts, whose family has lived here for 50 years, said being part of this neighborhood watch is more than just keeping an eye on crime.

"The crime is really low so we're excited about that," Monts said. "But we have some neighborhood concerns about lots of cars passing by, and driving too fast in the neighborhood. Making sure everything is safe. Like buses and transportation can get by. No cars parked on the streets. And empty houses. Making sure nobody is breaking into those. So we have a lot of other concerns."

They are planning to hold a pancake breakfast for the their next neighborhood watch meeting on September 9 at the Galilee Missionary Baptist Church. They encourage residents or people connected to the area to come out.

For more information, call community leader William White at 580-917-1151.

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