Local man saves sea turtle on vacation in Mexico

Local man saves sea turtle on vacation in Mexico

CYRIL, OK (KSWO) -A Cyril man is being called a hero after saving a sea turtle while on vacation in Mexico.

Steve Booker shot video while on a walk July 17th on the beaches of Cozumel. He came across a sea turtle he first thought was dead on it's back but noticed it started flapping and was injured. He decided to set his phone on a rock and record it while helping turn it over onto its stomach. Booker says the turtle immediately starting making its way back home to the water. When he and his wife got back home from vacation last Wednesday, he uploaded the video and it went viral. He says he can't believe people are calling him a hero.

"I have the step back and think, or I would like to think that anybody else in the same location at any time seeing what I seen, I think anybody would have done the same thing," said Booker. "The only difference is I don't know if anybody would have videoed it."

The video has been shared on several networks including The Weather Channel and National Geographic.

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