Quartz Mountain Fire burns over 700 acres so far

Quartz Mountain Fire burns over 700 acres so far

KIOWA COUNTY, OK (KSWO) -More than 700 acres have burned so far after lightning struck Quartz Mountain on Sunday and even with more than 11 fire departments assisting, the fire is only five percent contained.

Fire crews have set a perimeter around about half of this fire to make sure it doesn't spread out. They told 7News they will still be out here a few more days and With this extreme heat and wind, the Lone Wolf Fire chief says it's really taken a toll on them.

From the moment he got the call Sunday night, it's been non-stop for Lone Wolf Fire chief Lee Horton...trying to get more help to get the fire under control.

"We knew that the next few days was going to be an intense operation of naturally letting the fire burn down to us and then do what we're doing now, putting the line in and then burning it back up the mountain to get the safety perimeter around the fire," said Horton.

He says although there's not much more they can do other than monitor it from here, it's been exhausting.

"It's real taxing," said Horton. "I had two and a half hours of sleep last night. Two and a half hours the night before and I am rotating my men in and bringing task forces in to kind of alleviate bringing people in and out."

He says it's almost been like deja vu. Five years ago last Sunday, they also worked a major fire caused by lightning on King Mountain, just right next to flat Top.

"Actually, the north fire line that we are using to secure this fire was the south fire line that the forestry put in five years ago," said Horton. "So, we are re-utilizing that same line."

Horton promises to always be there for the other departments when they need a hand in fires, just like they've been there for him with this one.

"It's real humbling for all of us to work together," said Horton. "We had task forces come in to help us five years ago, so when I am called on a task force, I do not hesitate to go. The big Woodward fire, I went twice. So we all work together and just get the job done. Whatever it takes."

We're told one home has been evacuated due to the fire, but we will keep you updated on the fire crews efforts to contain it.

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