Nuisance birds a bother for Main Street Duncan

Nuisance birds a bother for Main Street Duncan

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Duncan City Council members have answered the call of business owners on Main street who have been complaining about nuisance birds.

On Tuesday, they voted in favor of allowing city resources to use to alleviate the problem.

"We really need the city's help to clean up the issue,” said Leslee Kern, R & S Drug store owner.

Right in the heart of Duncan is where you will find R & S Drug, and right next to it is a large tree full of nesting birds.

Kern said it's a problem she and her customers have been dealing with for three years.

"When it's at its worst the sidewalk is just covered in bird’s feces,” said Kern. “We have a bench out front of the store. The bench will be covered in that."

Kern said she and other business owners have tried taking the problem into their own hands.

Some spraying the birds with water, planting fake snakes in the trees and even making loud noises to try and them away.

However, all of those methods have been unsuccessful.

Main Street Duncan's Executive Director Destiny Ahlfenger said she believes the birds migrated to the street after a five-year drought damaged a lot of trees.

She said the issue has only gotten worse and her concern is for the customers.

"So that our customers don't have any interference with their walkability,” said Ahlfenger. “We want them to be able to walk downtown to their destination without anything interfering."

As for Kern, she's optimistic the problem will be resolved soon, however, her worst fear is the tree will have to be removed permanently.

"That tree is the meeting point and everyone fights for a spot underneath that tree,” said Kern. “Now the birds are there nobody wants to be under the tree so it's slowing down people coming to our events and stuff."

Ahlfenger said the fire department will try to disperse the birds by spraying them down with water.
That is set to happen in the next couple of weeks.

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