Bray-Doyle Public School adds new three-year-old program

Bray-Doyle Public School adds new three-year-old program
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]

MARLOW, OK (KSWO)-If you're looking to get a jump start on your child's education, you may want to consider Bray-Doyle Public Schools.

This school year, the district is offering a new early childhood education program that's geared toward three-year-olds.

The rooms are decorated and the bookshelves are stocked, now all they need are the three-year-olds.

Bray Doyle Superintendent David Eads said this new early childhood program has been in the works for a couple of years.

"We attempted it a few years ago, but we didn’t have enough students enrolled at the time to be able to start it,” said Doyle. “This year we’ve got enough interest in it, are budget and such to carry over that we’re able to afford to start it.”

Classes will be in the Elementary school along with the four-year-old program and the kindergarten.

Each classroom can hold up to 20 students. Eads said they will be taught the basic curriculum.

"Their A-B-C's, how to line up, their colors,” said Eads. “There are different things to get them started in the process."

Eads said the new program will cost about $75,000 to run. The money will come from the school's budget.

He said the district is currently in the process of hiring two teachers and two teacher's aides to spearhead the program, which he believes will give students an edge that other students may not have.

"Somewhat easier or smoother than students that don't have it,” said Eads. “Because of that extra boost. I also think it will allow them to be more successful early on."

Eads said he hopes the program will stretch far beyond the students by benefiting parents, too.

"If you have a young couple just starting out and they have a three-year-old child,” said Eads. “Most of the time in today's economy it takes both parents working to make it. If you're offering a three-year-old program it helped them out."

The district will have an enrollment day on August 1 and the first day of school will be August 16.

Any parent with a three-year-old can register their child.

The only requirements are that the child must be three by the September 1 and has to be potty-trained.

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