Fire at Quartz Mountain triples in size

Fire at Quartz Mountain triples in size

GREER COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - The wildfire tearing through Quartz Mountain has more than tripled in size in just the last 24 hours and has now burned around 2,400 acres.

What started with a lightning strike Sunday igniting a fire on Quartz Mountain has ultimately become a much larger fire. But this time firefighters were doing the igniting.

"So that the fire will burn itself into the fire. We want the fire to burn itself backward, back into the fire, to keep it from coming out into the unburned area, the unburned grass and stuff," said Grady County Fire Chief Perry Wenzel.

Wenzel said they wanted to make sure the fire moved back to the East, rather than continuing to spread to the West.

"The fires only going to get larger so if we can contain the fire to the smallest amount of area that will keep it from growing any further in the future," Wenzel said.

The Oklahoma National guard was on hand Thursday to help battle the blaze. They used a helicopter to pick up water from Lake Lugert and dumped it on the flames. They were joined by about 50 firefighters from several area departments.

"I think the biggest majority of these people out here are strictly volunteers and they're taking time away from their jobs and family and stuff," Wenzel said. "I'm actually from Grady County and it's about 75 miles out here for us. Our guys are ready to get it done, get it over with and go home. Get everyone safe."

Wenzel said with the heat we've had recently they're doing everything they can to make sure every firefighter stays safe and hydrated.

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