Facebook group aids local teachers

Facebook group aids local teachers

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - School starts two weeks from now in Lawton, and teachers are getting a little help preparing their classrooms for students.

Local teacher Terri Mitchell created the Comanche County Teacher Resources Facebook group, which lets teachers in Comanche County post supplies they need.

The page was created on Sunday, and they've already had ten requests fulfilled.

Susan Bauchman teaches seventh grade English at Central Middle School and received the binders she requested.

"It's amazing," Bauchman said. "This lady is a perfect stranger, I have no idea who she is and she, just out of the kindness of her heart donated 150 binders to my students."

Bauchman said this donation keeps her from having to ask parents to purchase them or from having to buy them out of her own pocket.

This is exactly what Mitchell hoped for when she created the page. She says the collaboration helps the teachers get the supplies they need when state funding for teachers is decreasing.

"Education is very hard," Mitchell said. "It's almost depressing that you're losing teachers to Texas or going to other professions and I think that this is really given them a boost in morale that the community is behind them and supporting them."

This group has also brought teachers together. Susan Cox is preparing to teach transitional first at Woodland Hills for the first time this year, and a fellow teacher at the school saw her post asking for educational DVD's and bought them for her.

"She was so excited to see it because she used to teach pre-K and said that she loved them so much that she had to buy them. I was very lucky and thankful that one of my teachers wanted to get it for my class," she said.

Both teachers say they're blown away by the generosity of those who are part of the group.

Everyone in the community is encouraged to join the group and help teachers out if they can.

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