LPS starting school year with $10 million carryover

LPS starting school year with $10 million carryover

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton Public Schools will begin the start of the school year in good financial shape. They have a $10 million dollar carryover in their budget through planning and saving last year.

Superintendent, Dr. Tom Deighan said they are going to use some of the money for pay raises for teachers and certified positions. With a teacher shortage, and budget cuts happening all across the state, he said it's important to credit the teachers for their hard work.

Starting the school year with an extra 10-million dollars in their budget is a huge plus for Lawton Public School's. But that money can only fund so much.

"To put that into perspective 10 million dollars is a lot of money and we are blessed and thankful, but it takes about $600,000 dollars a day to operate the school district. So $10 million dollars is about 16 days of operating budget," said Deighan.

Last year the district prepared for about $6 million dollars in budget cuts, but they only faced a cut of about $1 million dollars this year.

"We planned for a little bit worse economic climate than we received so we have a little bit of funds this year to work with," said Deighan.

At the next school board meeting in August they plan to discuss how much of the $10 million dollars they'll put into certified staff and teacher salaries.

"It will be as much as we possibly can. We don't know exactly how much or how much of that carryover we will use," Deighan said.

In the past two years they focused on extra duties, and support staff. This year its the teachers turn.

"Our thought an attitude is Lawton Public Schools can't wait on the state to save us anymore we got to do everything we can to support our classrooms and support our teachers and our support staff and so we have to think outside the box to get them paid as well as we possibly can pay them," said Deighan.

Deighan adds the district would not be in good financial shape without the dedication and support from staff, and teachers. The Lawton public school board meeting will be on August 07.

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