'March with a Purpose' to survey Ranch Oak neighborhood

'March with a Purpose' to survey Ranch Oak neighborhood

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - This weekend a group aiming to revitalize the Ranch Oak neighborhood in north Lawton is inviting people interested in change to their 'March with a Purpose.' But it's not so much a march as it is door-to-door activism. The Ranch Oaks Revitalization Committee is interested in learning about the issues needing to be addressed in the neighborhood. And the head of this march, D.J. Zackery, thought what better way than to just ask his neighbors.

The Men's Leadership March "March with a Purpose" is planned for Sunday at 6 p.m. The group will meet at George M Lee Park on Southwest 6th Street. Zackery said he aimed the title toward men because he wants to see more of his peers become active in the community.

The group will then out and knock on doors in the Ranch Oaks neighborhood asking people 5 questions getting much needed feedback.

"The data is vital. It's everything," Zackery said. "Everywhere I've gone to try to get any type of help for my project most people want to know why? And it's not really enough for me to say well I think so and I think it's a wonderful thing because I'm from that neighborhood. They really want to have the consensus of the neighborhood to understand if they're going to give this resource. Is it going to benefit 300 people, and do these 300 people want it? Or is it just you that want it?"

Jacobi Crowley, a community organizer who often works with Zackery, said he only sees these door-to-door events in politics, and that's what got him on board with this march.

"So now just seeing local residents around that live maybe in the area or live maybe in the city itself and say hey what's your concerns, what's your problems, what do you want to see done to your neighborhood?" Crowley said. "And actually get that done. I think is phenomenal, and I want to see that done across the city of Lawton."

Zachery is getting some help from the Comanche County Health Department by using the questions from the survey taken in the Patterson-Carver neighborhood on their community needs.

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