Seven mile sewer line nearly complete in east Lawton

Seven mile sewer line nearly complete in east Lawton

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A new sewer line spanning more than seven miles across east Lawton is now just a few weeks away from completion.

Originally the project was expected to be finished in November, but crews are ahead of schedule and are anticipating its completion in September. When it's finished, the city hopes it will help to significantly grow Lawton's east side.

"To facilitate growth on the east side, to develop, economic development, those kinds of things. Once the infrastructure is in, the businesses will come in, residents will build. So that's the idea," said project engineer Mohammad Azim.

The current sewage system on the east side uses lift stations that carry away the waste. But with this new system, gravity will be able to do all of the work, allowing the lift stations to be torn down.

"When we eliminate the lift stations, that's better because a lot of times they have to go and repair it and it's difficult to maintain," Azim said.

When complete, the pipes will all lead to the wastewater treatment plant near Southeast 15th Street and Tinney Road.

"Crossing Goodin road, then it goes and cross Flower Mound and then Woodlawn and then it crosses Coombs," Azim said.

The pipes will then cross Bishop Road before ultimately making their way to Lee Boulevard.

"There is a lift station here and another here. The three will all be eliminated," Azim said.

In the long run, Azim said he thinks these new pipes will be great for the city of Lawton.

"Most cities have existing sewer lines that are really old so they'll have to replace them with new ones," Azim said. "In the past, they used to use clay pipes but now they are using PVC which is more corrosion resistant and more durable."

The project cost about $11 million. The money comes from the 2008 and 2012 Lawton Capital Improvement Project funds.

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