Man caught on camera stealing package off porch

Man caught on camera stealing package off porch

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A brazen porch theft caught on camera right here in Lawton. And now, the homeowner is asking for your help to identify the crook who stole an expensive package, right off his front porch.

The homeowner, who does not want to be identified says it was a three hundred dollar car part that was a customized color to match his car. He has contacted Lawton PD to file a report, but the homeowner says he believes the man is now trying to sell the part on craigslist.

Less than an hour after the package was dropped off by Fed Ex, you can see a white car drives by the house slowly, turns around in a neighbors driveway, then a short time later, a man walks around the corner, grabs the package and walks off.

"Oh yeah, I was upset," said the homeowner. "I immediately went to the cameras."

After looking over the footage, just a couple hours later, the homeowner goes to craigslist, types in adjustable control arms and one that looks just like his comes up.

"Boom it was the first one to pop up," said the homeowner. "Brand new. Red. Just like I ordered them cause the red was a special color you had to order, so it makes them pretty individual."

He was furious and believes the thief thought the package was something other than what it was because it was posted for two hundred dollars less than what he paid for it.

"Wow, somebody posted it on there immediately and they posted them really cheap," said the homeowner.

The homeowner says he first got cameras installed at his home a few years ago because his family is always traveling, and he wanted to keep an eye on the house. He hopes the thief will think twice before stealing anyone's packages again.

"Just leave people's stuff alone," said the homeowner. "People work hard for their belongings. If you have to go around or follow the truck around, that's pretty low. Stealing peoples packages off their porch."

Lawton Police say normally see more cases of porch piracy during the holiday season, but like this homeowner mentioned, they do get calls every now and then from delivery drivers saying cars are following them. The best advice they give to prevent this from happening to you is to either require a signature for deliveries or only schedule them when you will be home.

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