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Construction underway on new Comanche County bridge

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COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - A beaten down bridge on a popular Comanche County road is currently getting an upgrade in the form of a brand-new 140-foot by 28-foot bridge.

The bridge is currently being put in near the intersection of South Railroad Street and Southeast Bishop Road. The project has been in the works for nearly five years, with construction starting in July. Comanche County Commissioner Gail Turner said the old bridge only allowed one car to drive it at a time and was falling apart and becoming dangerous.

"It'll make things a lot simpler, you won't have to worry about the wood and splinters out and the worn out bridge. It'll be a lot safer, a lot better, a lot of improvement for Comanche County,” Turner said.

Turner said the bridge cost just under a million dollars, with the money being given to the county by the federal government. He said having a brand-new bridge will be great for residents in the area.

Bishop is a very heavy traffic road because there's a lot of people that live out east and south. They stay off Highway 7 a lot of times, farmers and stuff use this and there's a lot of people that use Bishop road to go to the additions and stuff that are south of 7 to stay off the heavy traffic road there. So it'll make things a whole lot safer for Comanche County,” Turner said.

The construction began at the beginning of July and Turner said they have about two months of work left before the bridge will be open.

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