First Responders receive free home security devices

First Responders receive free home security devices

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Over 450 Lawton and Comanche Nation First responders homes are a little bit safer after they were each given free security devices.

State Farm and the home security company, Canary, gave the devices to the first responders as gifts to show the community's appreciation for always protecting us, our homes and families.

It's all a part of Protect the protectors program for State Farm and Canary. Since December 2015, they have given more than 7,500 security devices to law enforcement and first responders.

Shawn Adkinson, A Corporal for Lawton Fire Department says he's happy he received one and his family will now be a little bit safer.

"That is awesome, you know," said Adkinson. "Thinking about us, the first responders. A lot of times, we do our job 24/7 and we kind of get tossed to the side or on the back burn, like the chief said. A lot of people don't tend to think about us because we have families too, so it's good that somebody is thinking about us and our homes, our loved ones and making sure we're taken care of."

These security devices can monitor everything from potential burglars to changes in temperature, humidity and air quality. They can even use their phone to view live video which allows them to see what's happening inside their home at any time.

Ami Kuhlman, a representative for State Farm who was at the ceremony today says its the least they can do for the people who are willing to put their lives on the lines for others.

"We want to give back," said Kuhlman. "While our first responders are at home, we can't forget they are vulnerable to crime as well or to a house fire."

Dustin Dye, A Lawton Police officer is one of many excited to install this security device and use the new technology to keep him and his loved ones safe.

"This is awesome," said Dye. "I can't wait to test it out and see the new technology. This is something that we don't get to get everyday."

Kuhlman says they also left some extra security devices with first responders for them to give out to newly hired employees firefighters and police officers.

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