New system allows LPS to better monitor visitors

New system allows LPS to better monitor visitors
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A new security system designed to keep your kids safe will go into effect at every public school in Lawton this year.

It requires you to have a valid federal driver's license that gets scan into the system. In the past, you would simply sign in with a pen and paper, but now the school has the capability of knowing every single person who is walking their halls.

With hundreds of kids filling the halls of Lawton Public schools every day, LPS Police Chief David Hornbeck said it was of utmost importance to take new steps to ensure their safety.

"The number one goal is to keep the kids safe. Every student, every day in every building. That's the reason I'm here. That's my sole purpose in Lawton Public Schools, to keep the students safe and the staff safe," Hornbeck said.

The new system is in place at every school in Lawton. All you'll need is your driver's license. You will walk in and hand it to them and within a matter of seconds, you will be fully scanned into the system. When your picture pops up it will also have your birthday and your name to let them you know you truly are who you say you are. They then have the option of putting in where you're supposed to be. Within another few seconds, they will print you a badge to wear that way every person in the school who sees you knows who you are and where you're supposed to be.

The entire process only takes about two minutes. Plus, Hornbeck said you only need to have your ID scanned the first time you visit a school.

"The second time you come in the building there's no need to scan your ID at that time, we already know you've been scanned in. We can do a search on your name, which only takes about 15 seconds," Hornbeck said.

The badge you wear will include your name, the date, the time, the school you're visiting and your destination at the school. The system will also ensure visitors are not staying at the school for too long.

"When we print the badges there's a fold-over tab that we fold-over that activates a timestamp on the badge," Hornbeck said. "It will bleed a red void through the badge if the person has been in the building for a certain period."

Time limits run from four to six hours. If you're worried about the security of your information, Hornbeck said there's nothing to worry about.

"It's not stored in our system at all," Hornbeck said. "The only thing that is stored is their name, their date of birth and their photo. That's the only thing we store and extract off that ID."

The system will also notify them if the ID scanned belongs to a sex offender. If it does, a screen will pop up allowing whoever is scanning them to instantly send an emergency message to the principal and every police officer in the building.

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