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Environmental Specialist discuss treatment plan for mold found in Police Department's Basement

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Thursday night, employees from The Lawton Police Department addressed their concerns and posed questions to city leaders and agents from the Oklahoma Natural Environmental Specialists about mold found in the Department's Basement.

Agents discussed where mold was found inside the basement during the assessment and how to treat the structure to get rid of the mold and make sure the air that workers are breathing is healthy.  

Around 40 employees from the Department asked questions regarding the air quality of the basement, and how much mold was found during the assessment. According to the report mold damage was found in the analysis room, garage area, Crime Stoppers Office, women's locker room, Arms and a storage room. Several ceiling tiles had water damage in the hallway and  various rooms in the basement.

Jeff Bookout, has been in charge of testing and treatment with Oklahoma Natural Environmental Specialists for 13 years. He discussed treating the building with a non-toxic botanical solution, that will only take about 2 hours to apply once the mold is removed from different areas and there is no standing water around the HVAC system.

"Definitely some visible mold growth,but nothing that's insurmountable to overcome just rip out, removable, and replacement some damaged material, treat the property and everything should be just fine," said Bookout.

The report states water intrusion from heavy rains and sewer issues from clogged toilets used by inmates in the upper level of the jail, water on the floor, ongoing leaks, and improperly sealed HVAC systems were some of the contributing factors to the growth of the mold, but the air quality test released Friday came back normal.

Bookout said mold is everywhere where moisture is found and to prevent it from growing, all sources of moisture must be eliminated.

"You need air, you need water, and you need a food source we can't take away its food source and can't take away the air but we can control the moisture," said Bookout.

Lawton Police Department Chief James Smith said as a City and Police Department they want to make sure all of the employees are working in a safe and harm free environment.

"They are the ones that are keeping our public safe, going to work day to day, and keeping the department running, their health and welfare is our number priority," said Smith.

The city has to now hire a contractor to remove any material affected by mold and water damage.Bookout said they are going to perform an assessment and air quality test on the first floor of the Police Department and the jail on Wednesday. He said the results could take about 4 days, but they want to assure people their are no problems.

A full copy of the analysis reports given to the Lawton Police Department can be found on the department's website, click the link to view the report.

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