Oklahoma tax free weekend underway

Oklahoma tax free weekend underway

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Tax-free weekend is here and if you're like many of us who enjoy shopping or have kids who need their back to school clothes, this is a good time to head to the store to scoop up some good deals.

Every store in the entire state of Oklahoma is required to participate in the tax-free weekend.  That's going to save you eight or nine percent savings on your purchases depending on where in the state you live. That includes clothes or shoes at any store you shop at across the entire state, including online or by mail, though there are a few restrictions

For your purchase to be eligible, each individual piece of clothing must be under $100. The sale does not apply to specialty shoes such as those used for athletic activity or protective use. It also does not apply to any accessories.

The savings will be an added bonus as parents prepare their kids for the upcoming school year.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for parents to come out to get things for their children because money is tight around this time starting back to school. Sometimes we just need a break," said Casey Hendrickson, Assistant Manager at Steve's Shoes.

"It's close to 10-percent, it's a lot, it adds up so they can get their kids ready for back to school and even fall and winter," said Kaylee Smith, Owner of Country Lace Boutique.

No one will complain about saving an extra few bucks, but Debra Welch, the President and CEO of the Lawton - Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce said the weekend isn't just good for the consumers.

"It's an important weekend for the businesses in Lawton because they will gain a lot of people coming in, even more so than when they run more sales during the year," Welch said. "Lots of people are going back to school, it's big business for these merchants here in Lawton."

These big weekends are great to bring new businesses to Lawton and let the ones already here continue to grow, but it's also important to not limit your local shopping to just one weekend a year.

"If you enjoy going to some of the stores, you need to continue to shop there or they won't be there," Hendrickson said.

"Lawton is really growing, we are getting lots of big stores which is good, but you're going to lose your small stores if you don't continue to shop there. Sometimes our stuff is more expensive, that's because it's made locally or in the US. We're just trying to support our local community and if you support yours then it will continue to grow and succeed as well," Smith said.

This sale ends Sunday night at midnight. You can find answers to any questions you may have about sales tax weekend here.

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