New info released about police investigation into Chickasha mom’s child stealing

New info released about police investigation into Chickasha mom’s child stealing

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Destiny Corsaut and her three daughters disappeared on July 3. Chickasha police believe Corsaut intentionally left behind her car, wallet, cell phone, and an open apartment.  For twenty days, law enforcement, family, and friends searched constantly for Destiny and her girls.

On July 23rd, Corsaut called the Oklahoma City Police Department and alleged that she and the girls had been kidnapped and held against their will in an apartment near  I-240 and May Avenue on July 23rd.  She told the responding officers that she had escaped and called the police for help.

The investigation revealed that Corsaut and the children had been living with her alleged captor and were not being held against their will.  The person Corsaut and her children were staying with told investigators that when she confronted Corsaut about the missing person's report and attempted to call the police, Corsaut intervened, interrupted the 911 call, and then took her phone. The phone was found in Corsaut's possession when she was detained.

Officers say Corsaut had dyed her hair and the hair of the girls dark black, in an attempt to change their appearance and hide them from authorities.  According to CPD, Corsaut had also been in the process of planning a move out of state with the children.

Cell phone records show that Corsaut possession had been in contact with her mother, Biancia Richardson, since July 22nd and that Richardson had aided in hiding the children and provided Corsaut with contact information for out-of-state family members who would hide them.

Corsaut was formally charged today with Maliciously, Forcibly or Fraudulently Taking or Enticing Away Children (Child Stealing) and Richardson was charged with Accessory to Felony (Child Stealing).

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