Faxon man speaking out after his goats were shot and killed

Faxon man speaking out after his goats were shot and killed
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

FAXON, OK (KSWO) - A Faxon man is speaking out and hoping to find answers after someone shot and killed two of his goats sometime Wednesday.

Jason Clayton and his family have had goats for about 10 years and said this was the first time something like this happened.On Wednesday afternoon he went out to his field to check on his herd of 200 goats. He found two of them lying on the ground.

"I didn't believe it that somebody would come out and shoot them. I thought that they had got into a fight because they were both Billy Goats, I thought they may have gotten into a tussle and hurt each other but kind of checked them out after that and saw exactly what happened," said Clayton.

During the day the goats will eat and roam around in the field, but at night they are locked up in his barn. Clayton lives on the west side of Faxon and  believes someone shot at the goats from the north side of the field while he was working during the day.

"Just based on where the shot came from it looks like they had to have come onto the property to shoot the goats," said Clayton.

Clayton filed a report with the Comanche County Sheriff's Department, and hopes they can give him some answers.

"The Sheriff Deputy was very helpful, he spent a lot of time out here hopefully he got some evidence he could use, they did a good job and they are going to let us know what they find out," said Clayton.

He's has had the two goats for many years and said they will be hard to replace.

"Well these were actually two of my best breeding Billy's and if you look at it in terms of the market they are worth a few $500 dollars a piece, but in terms of what they were to my herd they are worth a lot more than that, luckily the breeding season is pretty much over so they probably left some of their DNA behind hopefully," said Clayton.

He had this to say to the people responsible.

"I think if you think it makes you a good hunter or good shot some domesticated animals that are locked up in a field then you probably have a pretty optimistic view of yourself and you probably need a little bit of help," said Clayton.

If deputies finds the people responsible he will press charges.The Sheriff Department have no leads at this time, but if you have any information related to this case call the department at 580-353-4280

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