"Attire to Aspire" program provides uniforms for students in need

"Attire to Aspire" program provides uniforms for students in need

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-The first day of school will be here before you know it and some students need new clothes. 

That's where the "Attire to Aspire" program comes in---helping those students with new and gently used uniforms.

"There's a lot of kids that can't afford clothes,” said Keona Tidwell, Lawton High School senior.

Tidwell said when she was younger she was fortunate to have uniforms each year but knew some people who did not.


"In middle school, I knew a lot of my close friends that couldn't afford and I tried to help them out as much as I can,” said Tidwell.

And she continued to give back on Friday by making sure every student in need has a new uniform.

Attire to Aspire, founder, and MacArthur High School teacher Kimberly Jones said the program is designed to provide students appropriate clothing under the Lawton Public Schools modified dress code, which requires students to wear a solid color polo t-shirt with no emblem.

“Then for the bottoms, it can be khaki pants, navy pants, and black pants,” said Jones. “And for the girls and boys, they wear shorts and the girls wear skirts or capris."

Bookcase Uniforms owner Dina Seward has worked with the program for five years, providing over 500 uniforms

She said she's familiar with students' needs each year.

"The need is always there for parents to have anything extra at all for uniforms,” said Seward. “Some parents can only do two bottoms, two tops and you know if a child goes to school five days a week that's very hard to maintain."

Jones said her hope is that all students can be equal, and what better way to do that than to provide what is lacking.

"This is a community where we have families that are financially challenged and so, we want to make sure we make the school year easier for students who are in need of uniforms,” said Jones.

Which is what Tidwell said was their goal of the day.

"If you give back and give clothes to people that need them then you're helping out everyone in the long run."

If you would like to donate to the program there's many ways you can do so.

There are drop boxes available at all high schools in Lawton as well as Bookcase Uniforms.

 If you would like to give a monetary donation you can make the check out to Macarthur High School with the memo "Attire to Aspire".

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