Lawton Driver License HQ temporary closure

Lawton Driver License HQ temporary closure

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Lawton driver license office will be temporarily closed for renovation starting Friday, so the state can update old equipment and add new work space.

Each week hundreds of customers visit Lawton's driver license headquarters and wait in line for their number to be called.

Only four people work here.

After the renovation, those workers will be able to help drivers much faster.

"Whenever there is an examiner not out doing a driving test they will have the ability to come up here and help customers with their driver's licenses and hopefully that will make the process flow a little bit quicker,” said Captain Paul Timmons, The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety says staff will be able to do just that. 
Crews are adding a handicapped accessible counter.

While the office is closed, drivers will have to go to Altus or Chickasha to get a license or take a test.
People who need to take a Commercial Driver’s License test will still be able to do so at the Lawton office, during the renovations.

Although the renovation is necessary, unfortunately, it's happening during the busiest time of the month.

"With this being August as well you've got the new drivers coming to get a driver’s license and permits,” said Timmons. “Typically, they do see a higher level of traffic during those time frames."

He asks for everyone's patience during the process.

"The work that's going on here will eventually benefit those people that come to this location,” said Timmons. “It's like anything else, it's a process that will take time and we want to make sure that it is done right."

Besides Altus and Chickasha, Hinton, Clinton and Ardmore sites will be open while the remodeling is underway in Lawton.

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