Lawton children call 911 for diabetic mother

Lawton children call 911 for diabetic mother

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Good parenting paid off for a single mother of three Thursday night.

When the woman had a diabetic attack, her children knew just what to do.

They sprang into action calling 9-1-1 to get their mother the help she needed.

It's a phone call 10-year-old Trevon Williams and his siblings have made before.

Their mom Tinn Lucerita Williams has been a diabetic since she was a child.

Now, as a single mother she has frequent episodes. Sometimes even needing emergency assistance twice in one week.

Her children have become the only people she can rely on.

"They was like 'well mom we have no choice we got to call 9-1-1' because when I'm coming out of it I'm like looking around while the ambulance is here,” said Tinn Lucretia. “And Trevon is like 'you got sick mom' I'm like ok."

Williams said a specialist comes to help her with treatments everyday but even then she doesn't know when her blood sugar is low.

She said some days are like a dangerous game, waiting to see how bad it will get.

"I used to be able to get sweaty, shaky and all that,” said Tinn Lucretia “But now it goes low and be low."

Luckily, when the pain becomes unbearable her children know when to step in.

"We have to call the ambulance to tell them what happened then they come within 10 to 20 minutes,” said Trevon.

At times even his three-year-old sister Nyla has made the call.

Tinn Lucretia said that's one thing she's thankful for throughout all the pain---knowing her kids have her back.

"They mean the world to me,” said Tinn Lucretia. “They're what I got."

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