Main Street Duncan changes to come

Main Street Duncan changes to come

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Main Street in downtown Duncan could look very different in the next three years. Those changes were presented to Duncan city council this week, and through donations and grant money the organization Main Street Duncan is hoping to make their plans for the future a reality.

New, donated banners with new colors and logos will be up by the end of this year. Among other changes, the street will go from 4 lanes to 2, with a decorative median in the middle.

Destiny Ahlfenger with Main Street Duncan said the new plan for downtown was all about seeing the potential.

But with the new colors and logos, what Ahlfenger said they really needed was a built-in piece of mind.

"Just this year alone Main Street Duncan has seen four vehicles travel into our businesses because they were going too fast," Ahlfenger said.

So she said the beautification turned into a safety necessity.

"So putting the median in the middle as well as the mid-block crosswalks creates a visual aspect to slow the traffic down," Ahlfenger said.

Curb bump-outs will create a buffer of landscaping and decoration between the sidewalk and the street.

Main Street Duncan has been around for 31 years through the National Main Street Program, which aims to build up downtown areas. This plan was a token of appreciation from the Oklahoma Main Street Center.

"We are one of the two longest running main street programs in the state of Oklahoma," Ahlfenger said. "As a way of saying thank you for continuing that partnership we were blessed with receiving this strategic plan, which most non-profits would not be able to afford on their own without substantial grant help."

From the small changes like planting more trees to the large ones like the street and the outside of a store front, Ahlfenger said she is looking forward to the reaction of their members when it's finished.

"These folks have had businesses downtown for years and years, or they've owned property downtown for years and years," Ahlfenger said. "Or they just came to downtown and they found their new home. So to work with them and see their excitement is what really keeps us going."

She says just the road construction without landscaping would cost $750,000. Donations and competitive grants are the only way Main Street Duncan will be able to pay for these changes, which is why they are stretching out these changes over the next three years.

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