Terminally-ill woman seeks help achieving her dreams

Terminally-ill woman seeks help achieving her dreams
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[Source KSWO]

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton native suffering from a terminal illness needs your help to follow her dreams.

You may remember Laura McCormick from Season 12 of SyFy's FaceOff.

She's asking for the community's support to fund her move to California to continue her work in the haunt and special effects makeup industry.

"To finally be able to have the support to go out there it would just be amazing,” said Laura. “It's my ultimate dream."

Laura has suffered from a terminal kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis since she was a teenager.

Unfortunately, once she came home from taping Season 12 of SyFy's FaceOff she received even more bad news.

"I actually was diagnosed with lupus right after I came back from the show,” said Laura. “I had been having some weird pains."

She said the pain continues to progress each day sometimes making it hard for her to get out of bed or even get dressed by herself.

"And the way the kidney disease is progressing and how everything is fighting against each other I don't really know how much longer I have,” said Laura.

However, throughout the pain, she says nothing will stop her from pursuing her passion to continue special effects makeup in Los Angeles.

She said her boyfriend works with her to create masks that normally would normally take months to mold cast and airbrush in just two weeks.

"I mostly paint the masks and I do all the hair work and like feathers on the masks too,” said Laura.

She said along with that her favorite part of the process is showing her skills with paint and applying makeup.

Which is what she said gives her the confidence that she will receive the help she needs and to keep pushing forward.

"I know that I am good at what I do,” said Laura. “And I'd love to just be able to actually show that and work on the movies and shops in LA."

If you would like to donate to her cause you can do so on her Go Fund Me Page.

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