Ringling robbery caught on camera

Ringling robbery caught on camera

RINGLING, OK (KSWO) - Police are searching for whoever robbed the Markette of Ringling on Saturday.

In surveillance video from around 7:50 a.m., the suspect is seen dressed in heavy clothing, standing at the register.

Ringling Police Chief Josh Steury said the robber demanded the money in the drawer telling the cashier he didn't want to hurt them. During the incident, the man kept one of his hands by his side, implying he had a weapon.

The cashier was shaken up after the robbery, but called the police and gave them a statement about what happened. Chief Steury said the suspect is described as a male with blue eyes and between 5-feet 4-inches and 5-feet 8-inches tall. He said the robber only got away with around 300 dollars.

The victim's co-worker and relative Coco Hossain said he thinks she did the right thing.

"It's not about how much money," Hossain said. "It doesn't matter if we have a billion dollars in the register, still, if we had a situation like that we definitely give up the money more than our life."

Chief Steury agrees that the cashier did the right thing and said if someone else happens to be in the same situation they should do the same.

"Just go ahead and give the person the money," Chief Steury said. "It's not worth your life. Just give them the money and let us handle the other part of it."

The Ringling Police Department said they have a possible suspect but they're working with the deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department to enhance the video. The video enhancement will also help them see if the robber did actually have a gun or weapon with him.

The police chief said robberies like this rarely happen in Ringling. Hossain said they couldn't believe it. He said Markette of Ringling has been in business for 40 years and they've never been robbed before.

"We are really surprised and we hope never going to happen again," Hossain said. "We have really good law enforcement in this town and they will catch him."

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriff's office. All tips can remain anonymous.

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