Lawton WWII veterans speak out on recent Virginia events

Lawton WWII veterans speak out on recent Virginia events

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Several Lawton veterans who served in WWII are calling the recent events in Virginia un-American.

Several veterans at the Lawton – Fort Sill Veterans Center said they have been following the news out of Virginia, though some of them admittedly haven't been following it that closely. Each of them said the events have disappointed them and that there is no place for hatred in America.

"It's unpatriotic. Very much so," said WWII Veteran Max McClure.

Max McClure said when WWII started, he knew he had to join the fight.

"I felt like it was my patriotic duty so in November 1943 I volunteered," McClure said.

Even though McClure lives here in Oklahoma, he said he's been keeping a close eye on the events in Virginia.

"I just disapprove of what's happening. It's bringing the Civil War back into the picture too. That's been settled many years ago and I don't think it should be an issue now, but they're making it an issue," McClure said.

Another WWII veteran named Leotus Rollins, who served in the Navy, said he hasn't followed the Virginia news too closely but has followed it enough to know he doesn't like it.

"If I had a say so, they could not study one part of it over here. If they want to be a citizen, an American citizen, leave that background at home," Rollins said.

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