LPS gets new textbooks for teachers and students

LPS gets new textbooks for teachers and students
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Schools in the Lawton Public School District started the new year off with thousands of brand new English-Language Arts textbooks for teachers and students.

It felt like Christmas morning at Woodland Hills Elementary School as third grade students looked and turned the pages to brand new English Language Arts textbooks. In addition to the new textbooks, teachers got alphabet learning cards, and large interactive reading books that help make learning more fun.

Principal Tracie Newell said students at Woodland Hills will be the first group of kids to use the new material.

"They have been extremely excited to have something so pretty that's what I keep hearing, its new, its fresh its been very exciting for them because its something totally new," said Newell.

For almost 10 years, Newell said teachers have used old English Language Arts textbooks too teach. She knows how much the new material means to teachers across the district.

"We came Saturday to unload all these boxes it looked like it was a thousand or more boxes, they were so excited they were like little kids at Christmas opening them," said Newell.

The new textbooks cost 1.3 million dollars and the money comes from a special school bond that was passed in 2014.

Executive Director of Operations Kyle Smith said they have different options for what they'll do with the old textbooks.

"We are going to try and make sure we dispose of them properly we will try to recycle those that we can. We have already contacted our recycling company to see which ones they will and will not take," said Smith.

Even though schools from all over the state struggle to help meet teacher needs due to budget cuts, Newell said she is grateful for LPS and their constant support.

"They really decide that this is something we have to do for our kids and we are going to find a way to do it," said Newell.

The students also showed their appreciation.

"Thank you Lawton for our new books," said Woodland Hill students.

Smith said there is a textbook committee that will meet and determine what textbook the district plans to adopt next year and where the money would come from to pay for those  textbooks.

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