Duncan students get early meeting with teachers

Duncan students get early meeting with teachers

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Summer is over for Duncan students, and many of them went to class a day early to meet their teachers ahead of the school year.

Elementary students and their parents went to meet their teachers Tuesday afternoon as a part of a
meet the teacher event.

Woodrow Wilson Elementary School was one of five elementary schools in Duncan participating in the "meet the teacher" event.

Principal Cassie Berthold said the event gives parents the opportunity to ask teachers questions they have, as well as helping the students.

It makes a lot of kids feel less nervous about their first school experience or even just coming back for the school year, because they know what room they'll be in before school starts, and they know who their teacher will be, she said. It just helps release some of that anxiety.

Berthold said her favorite part of the day was seeing all the kids excited to go back to school.

And after students met their teachers at their school, children enrolled at Gabriel's House
a Christian-based after school program for first through fifth graders went to meet their after-school teacher.

Gabriel's House Executive Director Dee Carrio says students need to expect a lot of excitement
for the first day.

You're going to hear laughter and noise, she said. It's not like walking into a school where things are quite and calm. We love controlled chaos., so,we're having fun, we're laughing, and we're getting to express ourselves.

Carrio says most of the students were excited when they met their their teachers and though some seemed a little reserved, she expects that to change soon.

s House is celebrating their 20th year with a packed house, filled with 75 students and a waiting list.

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