Train derails in Indiahoma

Train derails in Indiahoma
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]

INDIAHOMA, OK (KSWO)-We're learning more about Tuesday's train derailment in Indiahoma.

The train was operated by the Stillwater Central Railroad and they say the train was carrying 41 cars.

Somehow, eight of them went off the track just after Tuesday afternoon near highway 62.

The derailment is still under investigation and no one was injured.

About twenty contract workers with Railroad Cross Line started the process of reconstructing the railroad Wednesday, cleaning up rock and aggregates that were inside the derailed train cars.

"We will start to re-rail the cars that were derailed and clear a path," said Jimmy Patterson, Still Water Central Railroad general manager.
Patterson requested heavy equipment trucks, 400 railroad ties, and nine rails just to get the track restored.
He said that is their biggest priority for one reason.
"We have a customer at the end of this line," said Patterson. "Until we get this track back in service we can't get them the cars they need."
Patterson said since the derailment happened at the end of the railroad line no other trains will be affected.
However, in the meantime, he asks for the community's patience while they restore the railroad.
"Once we get the materials unloaded we'll be off the roads and out of the way and all of our work will take place in the middle of the field somewhere,"  said Patterson.

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