Duncan soldier surprises mom

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan man, who was deployed to Kuwait, surprised his family in Duncan on Monday.

Corporal Justin Kerr told his parents that he'd be home in September. In reality, he got home on Saturday, and wanted to give them a homecoming that they'd remember.

"I was in shock," Justin's mom Reba Maxwell said. "I really literally was shaking like this once I quit hugging him. I was totally shocked, but it was a wonderful surprise and I'm glad he's home."

Justin's wife Falon recorded Maxwell's getting to see her son for the first time in nearly a year.

"I was just crying my head off and I was holding him so tight it's a wonder he could breathe and he said, 'Hi momma' several times and I said, 'Hi son' and I just kept crying," Maxwell said.

Justin said his mom's reaction was priceless.

"It's amazing," Justin said. "It's definitely something that we're keep and hold onto for a long time."

Maxwell said having her son home is the most wonderful feeling – one she hopes more families can have.

"I wish we could have all of our troops home and safe," she said. "All the men and women that are serving our country."

This was Justin's second deployment with the National Guard, and Falon said this time around was completely different and more difficult because Justin left right after his daughter was born.

While he was away, Maxwell stepped up to help with the new baby – so Justin's surprise return was also planned as a way to thank her for the help.

"Without missing a beat she'd be there," Falon said. "She would help and it was awesome to be able to have someone that you could rely on."

The family has a get-together planned for Saturday so Justin can see the rest of the family.

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