SIGN UP NOW: Braum’s Book Buddy Program encourages students to read

SIGN UP NOW: Braum’s Book Buddy Program encourages students to read

TUTTLE, OK (KSWO) —Braum's Book Buddy program offers free reading incentives to schools by rewarding students with Braum's treats in exchange for reading.

"We did a little research when we were looking for the best way that we could get involved and help all the communities where we had a presence," said President and CEO Drew Braum. "We found that one of the biggest needs of our society was a greater literacy rate among children and adults. So, we started working with educators and developed the Braum's Book Buddy program. The success and growth of the program is amazing. It started very small and has grown to include over 1,000 public schools and over 2,500 home schools."

Students in first through fifth grade are eligible for the program. Children earn free ice cream treats when they read six books. Teachers or parents monitor student reading through a chart and sticker system provided by Braum's. The program is entirely free for schools and homeschool students.

"At the beginning of the year, I have students who will come into my room and say they don't want to read," said Holly Wilson, a second-grade teacher at Fillmore Elementary. "They want the ice cream. It is a sweet and tangible thing that they can strive to obtain. By them reading and having to take responsibility for what they have to do, they are increasing their word and learning knowledge," Wilson said.

The program helps students to develop a love for reading. The deadline to enroll is Thursday, August 31st. To enroll, just visit the website and fill out the online application.

Information provided by Braums