Olive Garden donates extra food to Marie Detty

Olive Garden donates extra food to Marie Detty

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Extra food that doesn't go to waste. The Lawton Olive Garden gives away their unserved food to the families at the Marie Detty center, and it's been a partnership they've had for years. Olive Garden's all over the United States have been donating their unserved food to local organizations donating 37.8 million pounds of food in the past 14 years.

The Marie Detty Youth and Family Services Center benefits from this service.

Olive Garden's general manager James Russell says the unserved food that can be labeled and freezed gets picked up by a Marie Detty employee within 7 days of the food set aside.

Russell said he can't picture them just throwing away the good food.

"Why throw the food away when you could help somebody?" Russell asked. "It's still the same food that we serve the guests. It's just excess food that we did not use that day, and it's still quality food. It's the idea of being able to give someone else that can't afford to come to an Olive Garden the opportunity to eat at an Olive Garden."

Marie Detty employees said Olive Garden is just one of the restaurants that donate food for the families staying at the shelter.

If you own a restaurant, and are interested in giving extra food like Olive Garden, contact the center at 580-250-1123.

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