Discover Oklahoma- Gage Artesian Beach

Discover Oklahoma- Gage Artesian Beach

GAGE, OK (KSWO)- School may be back in session, but that doesn't mean you can't go swimming to escape the August heat.

This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, find out about a place that's been a favorite swimming destination for several years.

Just off Highway 15 in northwest Oklahoma, tucked in the plains near gage and nestled under the bright Oklahoma sun….a natural gem that draws young and old.

"It's the Gage Artesian Beach. It's mineral water. It's got like 7 different minerals."

A swimming hole, that happened by accident really.  Drillers hoping to strike oil made the discovery….

"They felt this tremendous rumble and heard this rumble in the ground. Pretty soon it just gushed out, but it was water, it wasn't oil."

It was the birth of something special, a spring-fed pool that's attracted water lovers for generations.

"I love the water.  It's cool."

Darci Herber grew up in these waters and brings her daughter here now.

"My family ran this pool for 5 years back when I was in high school. So, lifeguarding was my summer job.  Back in the 30's my grandparents, great grandparents ran it, so it's been a family tradition."

"I started swimming here when I was three years old."

You can see more of that story plus see why Lake Thunderbird State Park is so popular for fishing and camping; also, taking croissants and pastries to a higher level in Jenks and vintage, Oklahoma inspired shirts…..all that and more on Discover  Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!