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Midtown Animal Hospital left with thousands in damage after accident

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The owner of Midtown Animal Hospital is speaking out after a trailer crashed through the building Monday afternoon. Police said a driver was hauling a truck down 11th street when the trailer became unhitched. It traveled several hundred feet before crashing through the front of the building.

The driver of the truck was ticketed for unsafe towing and for having a suspended license. While no one was hurt, the owner said she is left with thousands of dollars in repairs.

What started as a normal Monday, quickly turned into chaos for Dr. Black and  her co-workers when they heard a loud boom.

"The building shook, and I thought it was an earthquake, but we came running outside and there was this big truck in the building," said Black.

The trailer just missed the receptionist desk.Dr. Black said normally there would have been someone sitting there but they had just walked back with a patient.Now all that's left is a big mess.

"It knocked out two of my walls and damaged a third wall. The ceiling was all exposed and sagging down," said Black.

Dr. Black said a local construction company covered up the wall.

"They placed a steal bean under the wall, raised it up with these poles. It had buckled the roof and the ceiling. I had benches inside and thank goodness no people were here, but it just demolished all of my benches which damaged the other wall."

She said the accident could've have been avoided if the trailer was properly attached. Tim Evans at Don Evans Window Tint and Trailers said there are three steps that will enhance safety and prevent accidents like this from happening.

"The first thing you should do is make sure all your hitches have the size ball you need. A lot of people put a ball that is too big or too small," said Evans.

Next is the locking system. Evans said every trailer has one.

"When you flip this down it locks into position but it also has a safety and you do it by putting the pin in. When you pin it, now there is no way for that hitch to come lose," said Evans.

Lastly,having the chains attached correctly.

"By law these chains have to be welded on and you have to cross them so when the trailer does come loose it  cradles the trailer hitch so it doesn't hit the ground and it stays hooked to your pickup," said Evans.

Black said she recently made repairs and upgrades to the building last year. She estimates the damage will cost more than 60,000 dollars.

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