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$700-million jackpot brings lotto fever to SW OK

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Powerball jackpot is now approaching record territory-- $700-million dollars to be exact. And with an amount like that, lotto fever has taken over the country.

We wanted to see how many people were buying those lottery tickets here in Lawton so we visited a convenience store! Workers at Fluffy's Quick Stop say they have sold more tickets in the past two days than they have all week. Some people are buying a dozen at a time.

This is the second biggest Powerball drawing in U.S. history. It's so tempting that even a Fluffy's cashier is getting in on the action.

Brandon Allday says he knows exactly what he will do with the money.

"Probably help mom because she works a lot and spoils the heck out of my siblings."

You have until 9:00 tonight to purchase a ticket. The drawing will be held at 10:00. No one has matched all six numbers since the middle of June. According to Powerball.com, you have a 1 in 292 million chance of winning the Powerball pot.

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