Texoma Gives campaign will help local nonprofit organizations in need

Texoma Gives campaign will help local nonprofit organizations in need

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Everybody is familiar with the phrase 'sharing is caring.' Especially when a portion or what you give helps the local community.

On September 7th, you could have the opportunity to give to 15 Lawton non-profits, right on your phone or tablet.

7 News is partnering with "Texoma Gives" for a 16-hour fundraising event for donors to give to nonprofits online.

The event is designed to teach non-profits how they can raise money through digital donations.

"United we are stronger than if we work separately or against each other,” said Shelly Ray, Lawton Community Theatre Managing Director.

Lawton Community Theatre is just one of 200 non-profits from 11 counties across Texoma, registered to participate in the funding event.

Ray said she's used to working alone to raise funds for the center, however, this event makes her fundraising different.

"We have all combined forces and are working together,” said Ray. “Which not only is good for the non-profits in the community, it's good for our surrounding area, it's good for our region."

This year is also Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra's first time participating in "Texoma Gives."

Executive Director Patty Neuwirth said having the opportunity to hone in on their social media followers and get the word out about what they are lacking is exactly what they need.

"The orchestra, as all the other agencies, are always stressing to raise money,” said Neuwirth. “It's about 250 thousand dollars a year just to do three concerts and keep an orchestra going. And so, this is a way to help us with that money."

Other Organizations involved in the event will include the Lawton Food Bank, the Lawton Public Schools Foundation, and the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma.

Texoma Gives Organizer Teresa Caves said this one day of philanthropy will help fund the agencies we rely on to help people in times of need.

“Because community just isn't a town anymore, it's virtual,” said Caves. “And online giving for nonprofits is so important because that's how donors will give in the future."

Neuwirth encourages everyone to find it in their hearts to give what they can.

"There's a lot of matching money for the arts,” said Neuwirth So, every dollar we bring in we get a match from a foundation. And that would really help us. And we know the younger givers, they're online givers. And we got to find a way to reach them."

If you would like to donate you can start giving now by visiting texomagives.org or give on the day of the event.

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