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Child with terminal cancer attends mom's vow renewal

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MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) - A 12-year-old Lawton boy with terminal cancer checked another item off his bucket list when he watched his mom and step-dad renew their vows at Medicine Park Friday evening.

Justin Rodriguez served as the best man for the ceremony. 

"It was just adorable," Justin said.

His parents had planned to have one four years from now, but they moved it up so Justin would be able to be there. The community chipped in and donated nearly everything to make the ceremony and reception possible.

Many in attendance shed tears as Soraya and Vincente Pierre renewed their vows in front of friends and family. Justin's mom Soraya said these are cherished moments.

"We just have to basically wrap things up, and get it done, as many memories as we can," Soraya said.

Besides the memories made at the ceremony, they also made some a few weeks back when Justin picked out his mom's wedding dress. He said it was an easy task.

"Just found a beautiful dress that looks great on my mom," Justin said. 

Soraya said having Justin choose her dress was extremely special and means the world to her.

"To have your son pick out everything we will just cherish it so much longer," she said.

The family's goal when they found out about the tumor was to create something positive and beautiful out of a very difficult and painful situation. 

"Look at how many wonderful things that had happened. It was not only one thing or two things," Soraya said. "So, Justin is right when he said 'even when he earns his wings he totally won this fight.' We did...we all did.”

Soraya's vow renewal dress length had to be altered. She said when Justin "earns his wings" the trimmings from the dress will go with him.

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