Fort Sill Solider among many stuck in Houston after Hurricane Harvey

Fort Sill Solider among many stuck in Houston after Hurricane Harvey

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Fort Sill Solider, Master Sergeant Derrick Brown is stuck in Houston Monday night. He was visiting family when Hurricane Harvey hit.

"It was terrifying," said Brown. "I mean we were literally in the eye of the tornado. Thank God that we only got minor damage, not everybody was so lucky."

Lawton native, Derrick Brown has been stationed at Fort Sill for 10 years now, but he grew up in Houston and was back home visiting his parents this weekend when Hurricane Harvey hit. They woke up to this Saturday morning...Flooded streets...trees all over the ground and roofs.

"A couple of houses missing roofs," said Brown. "One car got crushed. It's kind of bad here."

They still have power and no water coming into their home.

He's thankful his family was already prepared and had plenty of food and water to last a few weeks.

He and his family have been outside helping cleaning up the neighborhood and doing what they can to help their community.

"I really want to help," said Brown. "That's who I am and that's how the Army prepared us for stuff like this, but I also have to stay here and make sure everything is ok back home."

Brown hopes residents in Southwest Oklahoma will keep doing what they can to help their neighbors in South Texas and he encourages everyone to hold your loved ones a little bit tighter tonight.

"I know Lawtonians are praying for everybody here in the Houston area and we appreciate your prayers and thoughts and please just check on your family members," said Brown.

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