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Kirk's EMS assisting with Hurricane Harvey

(Source Nathan Simpson Facebook) (Source Nathan Simpson Facebook)
(Source Nathan Simpson Facebook) (Source Nathan Simpson Facebook)
(Source Nathan Simpson Facebook) (Source Nathan Simpson Facebook)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - First responders from across the country are assisting with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and that includes four EMT's from Kirk's EMS here in Lawton.

Alex Garland, Nathan Simpson, Sandra Sand, and Tan Martineau left Lawton Friday morning.They were first stationed in San Antonio and are now in Katy, Texas about an hour away from Houston.

Nathan Simpson said it is devastating. He said it's emotional seeing  thousands of people trapped in their homes, but his crew is doing whatever they can to help.

"Its just something we do its just something to help out, give back, and make sure we are taking care of our own no matter where we are at or what state its in we are just trying to take care of everyone else," said Simpson.

Simpson has helped with evacuations before, but said Hurricane Harvey is far worse than he's ever seen.

"This one is pretty actually pretty massive, its pretty intense. I didn't realize the magnitude until we actually got here and actually physically started moving into the Houston area," said Simpson.

Simpson said he was shocked at how much water covered streets and homes.

"In a lot of the neighborhoods it's complete chaos. People are still trying to get out of there houses, and get to a place they can shelter at. Regular citizens are pulling their boats trying to go find a place in the water to help others out," said Simpson.

One of their first stops in Houston was NRG Stadium where they helped set up a shelter equipped with feeding and sleeping stations.

On Sunday night they found themselves being taken care of as the Bucess gas station in Katy, Texas opened its doors to hundreds of first responders, feeding them, and giving them sleeping bags.

Simpson said he's glad to be helping out and encourages people to keep the city of Houston and Texas in their prayers.

"Its quite breathtaking seeing all the stuff that's going on. Seeing it on pictures is one thing but actually physically seeing it with your own eyes and actually being there is another. You don't know what to say about it," said Simpson.

Simpson told me he is amazed at how many states are helping out.
The New York City Fire Department is there along with first responders from Arizona, Tennessee, and South Carolina.  

Simpson said they plan on being there until Friday. There's also a chance they could be sent to Louisiana to assist with efforts there.

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