Illegal dumping pictures help in trailer theft investigation

Illegal dumping pictures help in trailer theft investigation
(Source Natasha Scruggs)
(Source Natasha Scruggs)
(Source Natasha Scruggs)
(Source Natasha Scruggs)

COMANCHE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA (KSWO) - A Comanche County family who caught someone dumping debris illegally on county roads are now using their information to help law enforcement catch a trailer thief. Natasha Scruggs and her husband took and posted photos to Facebook on Sunday. It's of a gray four door truck hauling a black trailer near the intersection of 75th Street and Southeast Woodlawn Road. The truck was dumping construction debris from the trailer.

Scruggs says they were excited when they drove up on the truck.

"We finally caught somebody. We finally caught somebody in the middle of doing this," Scruggs says.

It's something she sees quite often, but never while it's happening.

"We drive down here and there are couches and stoves and everything else being dumped out here all the time," Scruggs said. "And for once we actually drove by and caught somebody in the act."

Then they made a call to Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley.

The sheriff's office made a link between their investigation and a Lawton Police Department investigation.

"We also found out that the trailer that had been stolen Sunday morning while the people were at church," Sheriff Stradley said.

Sheriff Stradley said the debris that was dumped was a match to the trash described in the stolen trailer report.

While Stradley said this is also an investigation into a stole trailer, the concern goes back to the illegal dumping on county roads. It's an offense that could land you in jail and have you paying a hefty fine.

"But I assure you if you get caught dumping that trash, it'll be more expensive than taking a trip to the dump," Sheriff Stradley said.

Scruggs says for her and her family, it's about justice and keeping her home beautiful.

"We live out here," Scruggs said. "I mean it's no different to us than probably somebody driving by your yard throwing out beer cans right in your front yard. Because where we live it's several miles to anywhere minimum. And you travel these roads every day, and this is home. And we just don't like seeing it."

If you know who drives the truck or have seen the truck or trailer, please call the Comanche County Sheriff's Office or the Lawton Police Department.

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